Frequently Asked Questions re Filti Filter and Canada Strong Mask

How Long Can I Wear the Mask and Filter?

To avoid buildup of micro-organisms from moist breath, dispose of the filter and wash the mask every 4-8 hours of use (e.g. 8 x 1-hr shopping trips or 1 x 8-hr work day). Machine-dry the mask on medium or high heat to complete the sanitizing process. Replace the filter with a new one.


Can I Wash or Sanitize the Filter Myself?

Please no! Washing can displace the nonwoven fibers, leaving holes in the filter, reducing filtration effectiveness. 


Which Side of the Filter goes Out?

Filti recommends positioning the fuzzy side outwards, and the smoother side towards your face.


Do You Sell Filters in Bulk?

Yes we do. Bulk orders start at 100 bags of 10. Please email us for more details:


Do Masks Work?

Yes! See our supporting research page for more discussion