Do Masks Work Against COVID-19 Coronavirus? Research, Evidence, & Policy

"Wearing a non-medical mask or face covering over the mouth and nose is another way to prevent your respiratory droplets from contaminating others or landing on surfaces." - Public Health Agency of Canada

"Transport Canada is making face masks compulsory on all flights and during airport screenings. From April 20, Transport Canada requires all air travelers to wear face masks while flying and during airport screening." - Government of Canada 

The U.S. “CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings” because “a significant portion of individuals with coronavirus lack symptoms” and they can be contagious spreaders of the virus. –United States CDC (Center for Disease Control)   


Once 80% of the population wears a mask, a virus pandemic can be stopped almost immediately. –Study Published in the United States National Library of Medicine

The big mistake in the U.S. and Europe, in my opinion, is that people aren’t wearing masks. This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact. Droplets play a very important role—you’ve got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth. Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others.” –China’s CDC Director 

There are “34 scientific papers indicating basic masks can be effective in reducing virus transmission in public — and not a single paper that shows clear evidence that they cannot.” –The Washington Post 

 “Research supported by Nobel prize-winning virologist Harold Varmus tells us that placing a layer of cloth in front of a person’s face stops 99% of the droplets. And modeling by Yale researchers estimates that “the benefits of each additional cloth mask worn by the public are conservatively in the $3,000-$6,000 range due to their impact in slowing the spread of the virus”” –The Guardian 

“In a paper published in Nature, a five-year study from the University of Hong Kong and the University of Maryland has found that a simple non-fitted mask blocked 100% of coronavirus droplets and aerosol.” –The Guardian

“A double layer of 100% cotton cloth is about 70% as effective as a surgical mask at capturing small particles (up to five times smaller than coronavirus).”
Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India (study #1 & study #2)

“If everybody [wears homemade masks], we’re protecting each other.”
Dr. Anthony Fauci, U.S. director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

“Any type of general mask use (including homemade masks) is likely to decrease viral exposure and infection risk on a population level, in spite of imperfect fit and imperfect adherence.” –2008 Study Published In The U.S. National Library of Medicine

“The study proves the importance of washing hands and wearing face masks in public places because the virus can linger in the air attached to fine droplet particles.”
Study published in the peer reviewed Practical Preventative Medicine

“Implementing barriers to transmission, such as isolation, and hygienic measures (wearing masks, gloves and gowns) can be effective in containing respiratory virus epidemics.”
Study from the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews


These governments and publications agree:

 the United StatesChinaJapanFranceIndiaSouth KoreaCanadaBrazilIndonesiaIsraelthe Czech RepublicSloveniaBulgariaSlovakiaAustriaBosniaMongoliaTaiwanColombiaPhilippinesUkraine

UzbekistanVietnamCubaTurkeyChileMalaysiaSingaporeMoroccoKenyaVenezuelaHondurasHong KongBulgariaBeninCyprusCNNTime MagazineABCVoxWiredthe Washington PostNew York TimesWall Street JournalThe GuardianFox NewsNational ReviewMedscape, and many more.

These governments have made face masks mandatory in public: 

IndonesiaIsraelthe Czech RepublicSloveniaBulgariaSlovakiaAustriaBosniaMongoliaTaiwanColombiaPhilippines

UzbekistanUkraineVietnamCubaMoroccoTurkeyKenyaChileVenezuelaHondurasParts of ChinaParts of USAParts of RussiaParts of GermanyParts of IndiaParts of FranceParts of ItalyParts of Cameroon.


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