Kross N95 Headband Particulate Respirator Mask - Made in Canada

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Size: 20 Masks

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Kross Direct N95 PR-W Made in Canada Respirator Mask

Kross N95 Headband Particulate Respirator Mask - Made in Canada

20 Masks

26 French Unit B

Pickup available, usually ready in 1 hour

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Due to safety requirements, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on any health-related items.

Authorized by Health Canada for Use Related to COVID-19

Made in Canada

  • Health Canada authorized disposable N95 respirator. Has not been tested by NIOSH. Not NIOSH N95.
  • Vertical fold style accommodates large and small noses
  • Headbands take pressure off the ears and accommodate a wide variety of head sizes
  • >95% particulate filtration (test report)
  • More breathable than other N95's. Less than half the maximum breathing resistance limit in NIOSH TEB-APR-STP-0007 (test report)
  • Graphene and latex free
  • 5-layer Filtration
  • Superior micro fine filter media technology, consists of multiple layers – pre-filter, fine filter and skin comfort layer
  • Latex free knitted textile elastic is skin friendly
  • Does not contain components made from natural rubber latex
  • Nose: MRI compatible Aluminum nose strip, no nose foam.
  • Per the manufacturer: "Kross Direct N95 Particulate Respirator has been evaluated in the laboratory and found to comply with all of the requirements of Title 43, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 84"
  • SKU: N95PR-W
  • Made in Canada 
  • Datasheet, test report, and usage instructions

Made in Canada by Kross Direct, the N95 Particulate Respirator is a vertical flat-fold respirator face mask with headbands. It is designed for respiratory protection for the wearer in everyday applications when used as directed. This respirator has a filter efficiency level of at least 95% PFE. The headbands allow it to fit a wide range of head/face sizes including large heads/faces. 


  • Health Canada authorized respirator for COVID-19
  • Compliant with Health Canada Guidance for 95PFE Facepiece Filtering Respirators (FFRs) (respirator test report)

    Period of Use

    • Shelf Life: 2+ years from the manufacturing date
    • Subject to the Storage Conditions specified below, the mask may be used until the expiry date printed on the packaging​ or 2 years after manufacture
    • Dispose after 8 hours of accumulated use (e.g. eight 1-hour trips to the grocery store, or one 8-hour work day). If the mask is contaminated or damaged replace it with a new one. 

    Storage and Transportation

    • Product should be stored in clean, dry conditions within the temperature range: -10°C to +40°C with a relative humidity of <80%​
    • When storing or transporting this product, use original packaging provided


    1. Do not use for protection against Gases, Vapour or in atmospheres containing less than 19.5% Oxygen.
    2. Do not use when concentrations of contaminants are immediately dangerous to life and health, are unknown, or when particulate concentration exceed the maximum use level / or other levels determined by your National Occupational Safety and Health Authorities.

    Fit Check

    1. Cover the front of the respirator with both hands being careful not to disturb the respirator.
    2. Exhale sharply into the respirator.
    3. If air leaks around the nose, readjust the nose clip to eliminate leakage. Repeat the above fit check
    4. If air leaks at the respirator edges, work the straps back along the sides of the head to eliminate leakage. Repeat the above fit check.
    If you cannot achieve a proper fit DO NOT enter the hazardous area. See your supervisor.

    User Instructions

    1. Failure to follow all instructions and limitations on the use of this respirator and / or failure to wear this respirator during all times of exposure can reduce respirator effectiveness and result in sickness or death.
    2. Before use, wearer must first be trained by the employer for proper respirator use in accordance with applicable Safety and Health Standards. Respiratory protection appliances are to be selected depending on the type and concentration of the hazardous substances.
    3. The respirator may only be used if the type and concentration of the harmful substances are known. In case of unknown substances or concentrations or variable conditions, breathing apparatus should be used.
    4. If the respirator becomes damaged or breathing becomes difficult, leave the contaminated area, discard and replace the respirator. Also leave the contaminated area immediately if dizziness or other distress occurs.
    5. Never alter or modify this respirator. Respiratory protection appliances are to be selected depending on the type and concentration of the hazardous substances.

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    Note: Canada Strong Masks is a Health Canada licensed distributor with MDEL #18557. Due to safety requirements, we are unable to accept returns on masks or respirators even if unopened.

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    Perfect for larger heads!

    Comfortable mask!

    So much more comfortable than masks that loop over ears. Well designed and well made. Grateful to the person who told me about them.