Usage and Cleaning of Face Masks and Filters


Wear your Canada Strong FN-N95-508 disposable or your Canada Strong cotton face mask with filter whenever sharing a closed airspace or coming within 2 metres of others. 

Minimize Leaks. Each time you don the mask, press downwards on the metal nose piece with two hands until it bends to fit the nose and face. Adjust the ear loops to maintain comfortable tension pulling the mask against the face. To tighten FN-N95-508 ear loops on smaller faces, tie a knot or use a Strap Extender such as this one.

Remove your mask touching only the ear loops, one ear at a time. Wash hands.

Storage: Between wearings, leave the cotton mask with filter or the FN-N95-508 disposable mask exposed to room temperature air so it may dry out. Don't put any masks inside a bag unless they have completely dried out. For cloth masks, leave your Filti filter inside the mask until it has accumulated 8 hours of use or you feel the mask is no longer clean - whichever comes first. 

Canada Strong products are not intended for use in high risk healthcare environments. No mask or PPE offers 100% protection. 

Mask Cleaning

  1. For FN-N95-508 masks: Dispose after 8 hours of use. Do not wash the FN-N95-508 masks. Contrary to some manufacturers' claims, washing may disrupt nonwoven fabrics and electrostatic layers, reducing filtration efficiency.
  2. For cotton masks: After 8 hours of accumulated usage, remove the used filter gently in an outside airspace e.g. a garage, front porch, or hallway, then dispose of it. Hand-wash the mask in cold soapy water then hang dry. Do not machine wash or machine dry as this may shrink the fabric and damage the logo. Do not wash the filters as this reduces filtration efficiency.