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"Hi, I've just placed an order for some of your masks and wanted to reach out and say thank you. I really appreciated the ability to review your filtration test results and the certification standards were very clear. I love that these are made in Canada and that we have an option to purchase masks that will provide excellent protection against airborne transmission. I am a Respiratory Therapist by background, and working in healthcare as a Director of Patient Safety, and I will be recommending these to my family, friends and others.Thank you for making your products available to the general public and selling directly to consumers. This will give us much more confidence when we need to be interacting with others in indoor spaces and during travel." -SM 

"Received my FN N95 masks today, took only two days from order to delivery! Amazing customer service, fantastic masks, comfortable, breathable, no more foggy glasses. I feel very protected wearing these masks. Will be ordering more. Thanks!" -DE

"I am a teacher who has been filled with anxiety since the pandemic started, increasing even more when were told we had to return to class to teach. I had tried many masks that did not fit well and made my ears sore, making teaching difficult when I had to wear a mask for many hours on end. This past Spring, I found out about your Canadian company with a First Nations connection, making high quality KN95 masks and I had to try - I am so glad I did! I finally feel secure and comfortable wearing these masks and my anxiety has gone down quite a bit. It’s a bonus too that I seldom fidget with this mask like all the other ones I had tried previously and no more sore ears! I highly recommend the 508 KN95 masks, you won’t be disappointed." -NG

"Just received the masks I’ve ordered. Perfect fit , easy to breathe , no fogging of glasses… Thanks for your prompt efficient service … 😁" -JC

"We are so grateful for your respirator masks. They have helped our whole family feel safe at work and school. A huge component of feeling safe is that the masks are comfortable and we can all wear them throughout the day, including our 4 year old daughter. She is able to independently put on and take off her mask and it is comfortable enough for her to wear it all day at school. We know her mask stays on all day because her teacher and principal both asked us what kind of masks she was wearing - they noticed it didn't fall off and that was unusual for her JK class. Thanks for everything you are continuing to do to keep Canadians safe!" - JM

"As a school psychologist in a hot zone - I have to wear the cheap blue masks that are provided. However, these N95s fit perfectly under the blue masks and no one is any the wiser. I feel so much safer and it is entirely as a result of your masks! They are comfortable and easy to speak in. The students are able to understand me without constantly having to repeat what I just said. Thank you for this amazing (Canadian made) product!" -AW

"I’ve been wearing them eight hours a day for several weeks now. They’re the best! I’m on my feet all day and walk about 7km at work - no problem with these masks!" -DH

 "I highly recommend these masks. The fit is tremendously improved over surgical masks, I use these 4-6 hours a day and they are quite comfortable. Bought in bulk so all my staff have access to them. At $1.60 each person per day, it is VERY cheap insurance to keep them safer." -AF

"I just got my respirators along with filters for other masks I have. Really great quality." -KW

"They are the best!!!!" -TG

"I placed my second order of masks in July and, as the first order, I received them so quickly. I ordered them on Sunday online and received them Tuesday that week. Once again, I would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient service and for making masks of excellent quality, good materials and good fit. You are an excellent company to order from. Thank you for providing such a valuable service in these pandemic times and for being there to serve the public!" -SS

"Really good masks!" -VE

"My ⁦Canada Strong respirators arrived this week. Extremely well fitting & very comfortable. No foggy glasses or stuffy nose. Best pandemic purchase. And a made in Cda product." -BC

"I just wanted to share that I am a teacher and my class had an outbreak on April 1st. One case in the class that spread to multiple others. I thankfully was not infected. Thanks to your masks. Thank you!" -GB

"We love ours!" -SH

"I ordered masks from them - very comfortable to wear and easy to breathe." -TM

"It’s the only mask that I don’t have to do anything special with my glasses!#fogfree" -MB

"I got mine 2 weeks ago. Just amazing those masks." -CI

"Fantastic masks! My partner & I both use them.Thumbs up" -GJ

"I love them! Comfortable and gives me peace of mind with the protection. " -SA

"Mine arrived today and first impression I love them." -AT

"Yes I have them too- really comfy!" -LL

"I got these too - am pleased with the results!" -RD

"Only mask I’ll wear if I have to leave the house. Cloth doesn’t cut it these days." -JC

"It’s all I wear now......" - BL

"They're extremely good with glasses. I really like them." - JR

"I got mine last month. Great fit and no issue breathing. Face with medical mask
Definitely recommend Canada Strong masks!" -RK

"I have these and I find it seems to give complete coverage and the metal nose piece is a little bit longer which makes for a tighter fit helping the glasses not fog up." -CN

"They’re fantastic! I wear an N95 & face shield, at work, but wanted something to wear when I go grocery shopping, etc. Highly recommend these." -CC

"Just received my FN-N95-508 Respirator Canada Strong Masks from Canada Strong and they fit me quite well. Easy to breathe through, 5 layers of protection. #WearAMask" - IR

"They are much more affordable than the ones I saw online from Vancouver (featured on CBC at the end of March)" -EF

"These masks are the best. I go through 2 a day (16hr shifts) at the airport and feel a lot better wearing these than the generic blue disposables." -MY

   "I wanted to say thank you! I have tried almost every top-rated mask on the market, from virucide-coated fabrics, nano-particle filters, and respirator-style fits: some were quite expensive, but none fit properly. Your FN-N95-508 disposable masks are the best masks I have tried, hands down. I work in a hospital and need my mask to fit properly AND protect me and my patients. This does both, and it is the first time I have had fog-free glasses! It is easy to breathe through, is comfortable for my entire shift, and passes hospital fit testing. It is very affordable, especially when I consider how much money I have wasted on masks that did not live up to the hype. Thank you!" -GA

 "Outstanding N95 masks made in Canada! Initially bought them for my dad (who is almost 80). He said they were perfect, so I bought more for my family as well. They fit securely & provide superior protection when compared to the garbage provided (to teachers) by the Ontario government." -AD

 "I bought a number of disposable masks, some filters and a couple of your cloth masks... my experience with you was fantastic- both times I ordered. I made an error, emailed about it, you fixed it and it cost me less. Thank you." -LH

 "I bought these masks on your recommendation. I cant speak to their effectiveness exactly, but if you have to wear safety glasses at work these are the best. Don't fog at all! Oh yeah, great fit. Don't touch my face too much either." -KF

 "It blows my mind that the Canadian gov. isn't trumpeting the existence of your masks from the rooftops. It would save SO many lives." -WG

 "Great fit and filtration. Ships very fast too. I highly recommend them." -CD

 "After over a year of masks, I finally found one that fits so well over my oxygen tubing & no fog in glasses & I love it! It allows me to breathe without feeling panic! Plus they are Canadian made! Wore it to my vaccine appt. Thank you." -JL

 "Just sending a note of thanks for providing such a wonderful product. We are living in uncertain times and the safety of our loved ones and the general public is a top priority. After much research, we found your masks and ordered a couple. We followed the easy cleaning instructions and are thrilled with the product and especially the fact that you provide the Filti filters already sized for the masks. I can honestly say my family and I feel much safer being out with your masks and have just ordered more masks and filters." - SJ in Stouffville, ON

 "You and your team showed me some of the most incredible customer service that I've seen to date!!! You took the time to offer solutions and graciously went out of your way to accommodate each time. This is remarkable in today's rushed market. It was a pleasure to complete the two transactions with you and your company. You will see far more of me in the future and I will be recommending you and your company to many friends and colleagues as time progresses. Thanks again for your over the top assistance. I have now received all four masks, and the 20 filters for them.........much appreciated!!!" - RF in Toronto, ON

 "Just wanted to let you know we received the masks. They're excellent, made really well, fit nice. Look forward to them keeping my family safe! Thank you and stay safe and healthy!" - KD in Nanaimo, BC

 "Hi, just wanted to thank you for our recent mask order. They exceeded our expectations!!! Love how comfortable and breathable they are❤️. Thank you!" - MM in London, ON

  "I wish I had found these filters sooner! They fit our masks well. My husband has to work around people so it’s nice to have a better mask and filter. He doesn’t mind it and changes his daily. Price seems good for that." - TL in Calgary, AB

  "I just wanted to let you know I am thoroughly impressed with your service!! Rare to have such outstanding service even before the pandemic. The masks seem of good quality and I like the filters. I may order more soon and for sure would recommend you to others!! Thank you again!!" - AJ in Toronto, ON

 "These masks are amazing. Will be ordering again to get one for my 90 year old mother! Thanks for all that you are doing!" -JM in Mississauga, ON

  "Filters were just as expected and good quality. Fast delivery too which is definitely a big plus for health related products these days!" - SM in Peterborough, ON

 "I received my mask today and love it! Thank you for the excellent communication." -MP in Sechelt, BC

 "Thank you very much! I am pleased to deal with your company as you keep me informed of what is going on with my order, unlike other online companies." -GD in Scarborough, ON

 "I received my mask & filters in the mail today! Excellent quality! Thank you for your great service." -CL in Ottawa, ON

 "I run a hair salon and need to ensure my staff and I are safe when we open up. These filters are a good way to improve our masks. We’re not open yet but I wore this for groceries and it works fine. I can breathe easily through them. I feel we’re better prepared now." -SC in Ottawa, ON

 "I had been using coffee filters but had to cut each time to fit the mask. These filters fit nicely in the mask pocket and are so light weight you are not even aware that they are there." -MN in Thunder Bay, ON

 "These filters are a simple way to add better protection. I looked up the material and seems like it's similar tech as the N95's. Size is good as well!" - AZ in Orillia, ON

 "Bought these filters for my mom and me to upgrade our homemade cotton masks. The filters fit nicely into the masks we have and they'd also be easy enough to trim for other masks. The material is nice and thin - breathable, but strong (doesn't tear easily). We're only using them for grocery shopping, errands, etc. I plan to change the filters and wash the masks about once per week (which will be less than the 8h of accumulated use recommended in the comments). So the cost isn’t too bad. Worth the peace of mind. And I like that they are a Canadian. Support local :)" - KS in Oakville, ON

  "Very well made mask. Cotton is quite breathable. I would definitely recommend. I ordered 4 and gave my friend 1 and he really like the look and will order later. I love the fact that part of the money goes to the food bank, which is one of the reasons I ordered. Thank you!" - BB in Toronto, ON